Uzbekistan: Writer released after over 14 years in prison

23 April 2013

The award-winning Uzbek writer Mamadali Makhmudov has finally been released after over 14 years in prison, reported PEN International on 23 April 2013. In the late evening of 19 April 2013, Mamadali Makhmudov walked out of prison and met his five grand-children for the first time. His wife told Radio …

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Uzbekistan: Writer faces another prison term

2 April 2013

Uzbekistani writer Mamadali Makhmudov will not be released from prison on completion of his 14-year jail term, reported Amnesty International. On 5 March 2013, Makhmudov was told that a new criminal case had been filed against him for allegedly violating prison rules. Makhmudov is one of the longest serving writers …

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Uzbekistan: Official ban on use of religious themes in art

14 November 2011

  The Uzbek national security service (SNB) has issued a strict warning to the country’s leading artists against using religious themes in their work, reported The warning was issued at a special conference held at the end of October at the Tashkent Academy Theatre. At the meeting, an SNB …

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Uzbekistan: Rock and rap music denounced as ‘evil’

23 February 2011

Uzbekistan’s state television issued an unequivocal denunciation of rock and rap music as a Western liberal excess, saying the music was epitomized by sadism, drug addiction and immorality, reported Agence France-Presse (AFP) on 21 February 2011. AFP reported that a tv documentary made in the style of a Soviet propaganda …

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Uzbek singer on trial for song about massacre

7 August 2006

Dadakhan Khasanov, a popular singer and political dissident in Uzbekistan, finds himself in a position he remembers well from Soviet days. He is on trial for having written a song. His song urges Uzbeks and the rest of the world not to forget the May 13, 2005 massacre of hundreds …

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