Honduras: Musicians persecuted with death threats and concert closure

10 December 2010

A midday concert of the band Caf   Video on YouTube: ‘Honduran Regime Targets Musicians’ The band Cafe Guancasco, a favorite of the Honduran coup resistance movement, sees concert attacked by police and military. Real News speaks with two of the musicians attacked while performing. Produced by Jesse Freeston Pavel …

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Pakistan: Singer kidnapped by religious militants

8 December 2010

On 26 November 2010, unidentified militants kidnapped Musharraf Bengash, a Pashtun singer from the Mir Ali area in North Waziristan. Later, a jirga negotiated his release, reported Shaheen Buneri from Radio Mashaal. Musharraf Bengash sings mainly of rural themes, with his music embodying a nationalistic zeal. Shaheen Buneri writes: “The …

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Pakistan: Musicians and artists are returning to Swat Valley

26 November 2010

After a military operation against the religious extremists, artists are now returning back to Swat Valley in northern Pakistan, reported The Express Tribune. Fazal Khaliq wrote for The Express Tribune: “The Swat valley, once famous site for shooting local Pashto dramas and video songs, was completely paralysed after the local …

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Afghanistan: Witnessing a resurge in music

24 November 2010

Pashto music can now be heard in almost every nook and corner of Afghanistan, reported PRlog. Today many Pakistani film makers are coming to Afghanistan to engage Pashto performers and artists for tv serials and movies. Although they are regularly receiving threats from the Taliban and religious fundamentalists, they are …

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India: Authorities close tv channel for broadcasting vulgar music videos

19 November 2010

The Indian Information and Broadcasting Ministry has closed SS Music, a multi-lingual music channel, for seven days for showing nudity. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has prohibited the transmission or re-transmission of SS Music on any platform throughout India with effect from midnight on 22 November till midnight on 29 …

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Generation Wave speak about freedom of expression in Burma/Myanmar

5 November 2010

  Freemuse interview with four members of Generation Wave — a group which is part of an underground political network both inside and outside Burma. 21 members of the group are presently held as political prisoners in Burma.   Generation Wave use hip-hop music as an integrated part of their …

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South Korea: Ban on North Korean praise music upheld

2 November 2010

The Supreme Court in South Korea has ruled that possessing instrumental music with titles praising communist North Korea is a crime, reported Radio New Zealand. Read the full story here: Radio New Zealand – 08 November 2010: ‘Banned: music with titles praising North Korea’      

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China: 18th-century German opera censored in Beijing

29 October 2010

Zhang Huan’s production of the Handel opera ‘Semele’ concerned Chinese censors. The officials insisted on a number of changes. “As any artist or performer in China knows, it is impossible to predict what will set off the mercurial culture censors who have sweeping power over the content of film, music, …

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Pakistan: Music school closed after threats from extremists

25 October 2010

A group of religious extremists threatened Asad Qazilbash, a renowned sarood player in Islamabad, to stop giving lessons and remove the signboard for his music school. Asad Qazilbash was shell-shocked when he learned that his 12-year-old son, while playing in the street with his friends, had been approached by a …

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China: Banned Tibetan singer disappears

30 September 2010

Chinese authorities are looking for Pasang, a popular Tibetan singer, who has gone into hiding after his debut album was banned and confiscated, reported Radio Free Asia on 24 September 2010. “The authorities blamed him for singing and recording politically sensitive themes in his songs. They ordered the confiscation of …

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