China: Magazine featuring Cui Jian banned

30 March 2006

Three weeks after the first copies of a Chinese version of Rolling Stone hit the newsstands and were torn off the shelves, press regulators said they would not allow it to publish a second issue Rolling Stone, the former icon of American counterculture journalism, is entering the global mainstream with 11 …

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South Korea: Government pressure on musical about North Korea

24 March 2006

A cultural center in southern Seoul runs the musical ‘Yoduk Story’ which is set in a remote North Korean detention camp, Yoduk. Its creator had to overcome several obstacles because of the controversial message of the show. Musical director Jung Sung-san said the government’s possible pressure forced some investors to …

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China: The Rolling Stones accepts censorship

3 March 2006

Veteran American rock star group The Rolling Stones will most likely follow the beat of China’s censors when they perform in China in April 2006 The Rolling Stones plan to make its debut in mainland China in an 8,000-seat stadium in Shanghai on April 8, 2006, as part of its …

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Malaysia: American music performance banned from tv

13 February 2006

Officials in Malaysia apparently found the dance and costume of American superstar Madonna so provocative that they banned it from been shown on Malaysian television   Wearing a lilac leotard and bustier with matching high heels, the 47-year-old pop icon gyrated around a pole during a much-hyped performance with the virtual band Gorillaz …

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Malaysia: Norwegian rock band banned from performing

3 February 2006

The Norwegian black metal band Mayhem was scheduled to give a performance in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur on 4 February 2006, as part of their international concert tour through Asia, but following objections from members of Dewen Rakyat, the country’s parliament, the concert has been banned. Officials viewed their slogan …

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Malaysia: Islamic authority bans black metal

25 January 2006

On January 23, 2006, the highest Islamic authority in Malaysia placed a ban on black metal – a rock music variant dominated by distorted guitars and occult imagery“Followers of black metal could be prosecuted under Islamic law,” spokesman of the National Fatwa Council’s panel on Islamic affairs, professor Datuk Shukor …

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Sufi Soul

19 December 2005

  ‘The Mystic Music Of Islam’ — a documentary produced for British Channel 4. The Sufi voice is increasingly under challenge within the Muslim world and beyond… Directed by Simon Broughton 48 minutes Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, Morocco. 2005 Read more…  

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Indonesia: Inul Daratista has overcome censorship

12 December 2005

Inul Daratista’s music career has overcome bans and censorship. Today she remains one of the most popular dangdut stars Indonesia has ever had   By Meredith Holmgren Her Muslim name is Ainur Rokhimah, meaning “eyes of blessed love”. Her stage name is Inul Daratista, meaning “the girl with breasts”. Before she …

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Salman Ahmad

22 November 2005

Musician (Pakistan)     Salman Ahmad was a member of the Pakistani rock band Junoon, until he moved to the US. In this video interview he tells about his experience of meeting with clerics in Pakistan and discussing with them whether it is true that music is prohibited according to Islam. …

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USA / Cambodia: PraCh

21 November 2005

Born in Cambodia, but raised mostly in Long Beach, California, praCh is known as Cambodia’s first rap star. His first album reached number one in Cambodia, but was temporarily banned during election time. His music tells stories about the horror of living under Pol Pot and the ensuing hardships. On …

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