India: Album recalled and destroyed because it offends Christians

12 October 2006

India has seen a “Cartoon Crisis” of its own, only this time around Jesus is the prophet in focus. EMI Warner Music has pulled the new album by the American Heavy Metal band Slayer from music stores across India because of protests from the Christian community, Reuters reported on 10 …

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India: American singer censored on tv

24 August 2006

Paris Hilton’s music video ‘Stars Are Blind’ has been banned because of “sexual connotations”. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has issued an “A” (Adult) certification for the music video which is part of Hilton’s debut album, ‘Paris’. It was released in Mumbai on 22 August 2006. This means …

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Uzbek singer on trial for song about massacre

7 August 2006

Dadakhan Khasanov, a popular singer and political dissident in Uzbekistan, finds himself in a position he remembers well from Soviet days. He is on trial for having written a song. His song urges Uzbeks and the rest of the world not to forget the May 13, 2005 massacre of hundreds …

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Malaysia: Blacklisted Heavy Metal band launches debut album

5 July 2006

After more than 20 years of performing, the Malaysian Heavy Metal band Blackfire has finally released it’s debut album, entitled ‘Lahir Dari Api’ (“Born of Fire”) on 6 June 2006 By FreemuseThe album was printed in 1,000 copies and released by a close friend of the band who runs an …

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India: Government bans “raunchy” music videos

11 May 2006

In April 2006 the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of the Government of India banned “raunchy music videos”. However, in May 2006 The Times of India reports that the ban has not been implemented Popular Indian tv channels such as Channel V, B4U, Balle Balle, MTV, iTV and MH1 were …

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China: Last “singing nun” released from prison, exiled

24 April 2006

The release of 34-year-old Tibetan nun Phuntsog Nyidron into exile in the United States on 15 March 2006 marks the end of the imprisonment in Tibet for a group of women who became known as the “singing nuns” of Drapchi prison, according to a report by the International Campaign for …

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China/Tibet: Teacher of traditional Tibetan dance imprisoned

24 April 2006

A Tibetan monk and teacher of the traditional monastic dance Cham has been sentenced to four years in prison after he gave talks about Tibetan culture and history, reports International Campaign for Tibet Gendun, who is in his thirties, had been a Cham dance teacher at Yulung monastery in Tsigorthang …

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China: Popular music tv programme banned

20 April 2006

A programme called “Supergirl” on Hunan provincial television became a new phenomenon and made history among tv programmes in China. Now it has been banned by Chinese authorities Nothing this large and spontaneous had ever pushed its way unapproved into China’s mainstream media before. Everyone was talking about it in …

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USA/China: Rolling Stones had five songs censored

10 April 2006

Chinese censors restricted the veteran rock star group the Rolling Stones from performing five songs when they made their debut in mainland China on 8 April 2006. Rolling Stones’ lead singer Mick Jagger stated at a press conference in Shanghai that in his opinion this was “not a big deal”. …

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North Korea: Exiled because of passion for jazz

6 April 2006

Classical pianist Kim Cheol-woong (Cheol Woong Kim) had to flee North Korea to realise his dream of becoming a jazz pianist. Since 2003, he has lived in South Korea   In North Korea, access to most foreign music is banned. People can be imprisoned for listening to South Korean music, …

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