China: Authorities have arrested numerous artists

16 October 2014

Chinese authorities are reported to have arrested at least five artists on the Chinese mainland who have shown support for pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. The Chinese authorities are determined to prevent pro-democracy rallies in Hong Kong from spilling across the border into the mainland, so they have detained at …

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China: Censored poet and exiled musician sidetrack oppression

10 October 2014

Thanks to Internet connectivity, Tibetan artists inside and outside Tibet are finding new ways to communicate and collaborate. But to the Tibetans inside Tibet, this is at a high risk. By Dechen Pemba   “Music is like the wings of a bird that can fly over man-made borders.” Woeser In …

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Myanmar/Burma: How censorship shaped an artist

30 September 2014

In this 5-minute video film, an artist offers a peek into the underground of Myanmar where artists are taking their non-violent fight for freedom of expression to the streets. “They destroyed our art in a very ruthless way.” A young graffiti artist in Myanmar was censored for using the orange …

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China: Censorship of independent art has never been harsher

30 September 2014

China says it wants to promote ‘culture’ but its censorship of independent art has never been more systemic, reports Oiwan Lam from Beijing, where authorities clamped down on yet another independent film festival in August 2014. By Oiwan Lam Chinese authorities shut down the 11th Annual Beijing Independent Film Festival …

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New Zealand: Musician takes ban of his satirical song to court

19 September 2014

New Zealand blues singer Darren Watson has taken the country’s Electoral Commission to court to try and reverse a ban on his satirical song ‘Planet Key’. The commision told him to stop promoting and selling the song, which makes fun of Prime Minister John Key, or face prosecution. A hearing …

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China: Arts and social media increasingly restricted

1 September 2014

The director of the annual Beijing Independent Film Festival was jailed and forced to promise not to open the festival. The move comes as social media, arts, and religion are increasingly restricted. China sees and intensified campaign against activity not considered in line with orthodox party thinking under President Xi …

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South Korea: Resignation and boycott in controversy over censorship

22 August 2014

The president of the Gwangju Biennale Foundation, Lee Yong-woo, has resigned over the censorship of a painting which was included in the Gwangju Bienniale’s 20th anniversary exhibition ‘Sweet Dew—After 1980’ at the Gwangju Museum of Art. In an almost ironical contrast to the controversy which has erupted over the censorship …

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Pakistan: Ban of social media has great impact on musicians

21 August 2014

As Pakistan continues to restrict access to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, activist band Laal discusses the silencing effect that these bans have on artists, and speaks to the future of free expression. By Anushe Noor Faheem, with additional reporting by Annie Zaman Still from Laal’s video …

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India: Attempts to censor political theatre

14 August 2014

Organisers and artists performing in the tiatrs – Konkani theatre – may soon have to submit a formal undertaking to south Goa’s biggest and most well-known state-run theatre performing facility, the Ravindra Bhavan, promising not to speak against politicians, government officials and VIPs, while performing onstage. » Sourced through from:

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