Nepal: Forms and evolution of censorship

24 June 2014

Ensuring freedom of expression and dissent to all is a balancing act yet to be mastered by Nepal, writes Slok Gyawali in an article published by Fair Observer which describes how censorship in Nepal has been employed for political reasons at various points in history. “The difference in reaction to …

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Nepal: The rise and ‘ban’ of the collateral

19 October 2012

How a young Nepali painters’ works raised questions on artistic freedom in Kathmandu, the City of Temples. BY KANCHAN G. BURATHOKI • OCTOBER 2012 • [A4 PDF] On Tuesday afternoon, 11 September 2012, when the exhibition ‘The Rise of the Collateral’ had only nine days left to conclude, after having …

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Nepal: Death threats against artist who painted Hindu deities

17 September 2012

Manish Harijan, a Nepali artist, whose works are on show at an art gallery in Kathmandu, has received death threats from activists of the Nepal-based World Hindu Federation in reaction to his paintings which combine images of Hindu deities and Western superheroes, reported UNESCO on 14 September 2012. In particular, …

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Nepal: Police disrupts Tibetan culture show

24 October 2011

  Tibetans in Nepal are facing increased restrictions on cultural performances. Recently a programme by a Kathmandu-based group was broken up by the Nepalese police. By Hanne Pedersen, writing from Kathmandu On 29 September 2011, the Nepal Tibetan Lhamo Association (NTLA) was going to perform a programme of Himalayan culture …

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Nepal: Song banned in television for religious defamation

6 September 2010

A promo of an upcoming album of Komal Oli was allegedly banned from Nepal Television because of it is against Hindu sentiments, reported a Nepali blogger. Singer Komal Oli’s promo was broadcasted in Nepali state television, NTV, for a couple of weeks, but then, in the end of August 2010, …

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Nepal: Goverment ban on songs that ‘promote civil war’

31 July 2009

Nepal Television has banned a music video based on Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai on the charge that the song ‘encourages civil war’, reported the new Nepalese media group Republica   Republica wrote: “In the duet ‘Baburam Naya Npela Kun Charako Nam’, women celebrating Teej festival ask Dr Bhattarai how …

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Nepal: Limitations on public performances for exiled Tibetans

4 August 2003

  Tibetan refugees living in Nepal are facing different kinds of limitations of their music. Some are inflicted on them by Nepalese officials, others are self-inflicted “cultural considerations” which limit the development of their traditional music. This description of the situation for Tibetans in Nepal emphasises on one particular incident in …

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