Myanmar/Burma: Flow of secret music files

27 September 2007

While demonstrations, arrests and killings take place in Rangoon, and online media networks, websites and weblogs in Burma have been blocked, exiled Burmese musicians have quickly developed alternative communication channels, and their music, as well as video footage, is being smuggled across borders and distributed secretly within Burma via the …

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Myanmar/Burma: Musical satire banned by authorities

30 November 2006

Authorities have banned a video compact disc depicting a traditional performance on the grounds that some of the content is critical of the military government, reports the news magazine The Irrawaddy The video compact disc is entitled ‘Say Yaung Sone’, meaning “The Colorful”. It is produced by the director known …

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Myanmar/Burma: Music under siege

28 October 2005

Music has provided a rallying point for the masses during political upheavals in Burma, just as it has elsewhere in South-East Asia. It has served as a potent response to the rapid political and social displacements brought on by neocolonialism, industrialization and dictatorship.By Aung Zaw       Music has …

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Aung Zaw: Music censorship in Myanmar / Burma

26 October 2004

Aung Zaw, journalist, member of the Freemuse Executive Committee Aung Zaw is from Myanmar/Burma and is the editor of The Irrawaddy, a magazine published in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Irrawaddy covers news and offers in-depth analysis of political and cultural affairs in Burma and Asia generally. This interview was conducted by Freemuse’s …

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Myanmar/Burma: Conscripted for Karaoke

14 June 2004

  Promoting the Burmese governments National Convention, three famous singers; Khin Maung Toe, Ringo and Htun Aeindrabo are singing a jingle on Myanmar TV—but something is not right. Expressionless, the three gaze at their scripts and sing blankly, even though the song is short and repetitive. The singing zombie trio …

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Myanmar (former Burma)

2 January 2000

Myanmar/Burma: ‘Will censorship of music end?’ asks BBC reporter in Rangoon BBC News’ Jonah Fisher has interviewed Ye Ngwe Soe, lead-singer of the punk band No U Turn, one of the best-known acts on the Rangoon punk scene. 13 April 2012   Myanmar/Burma: Musician Win Maw released Win Maw, one …

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