Myanmar/Burma: Censors pull film from human rights festival

22 June 2016

Myanmar’s film censorship board banned the film ‘Twilight over Burma’ on the grounds that it could “harm ethnic unity” and the “image of the military” as it tells the real-life story of an Austrian woman who married an ethnic Shan prince during the early days of the country’s independence and …

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Myanmar/Burma: How censorship shaped an artist

30 September 2014

In this 5-minute video film, an artist offers a peek into the underground of Myanmar where artists are taking their non-violent fight for freedom of expression to the streets. “They destroyed our art in a very ruthless way.” A young graffiti artist in Myanmar was censored for using the orange …

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Myanmar/Burma: Film and report about The Art of Transition symposium

24 February 2014

As Burma transitions from military dictatorship to democracy, Index on Censorship joined with artists, journalists and performers to explore the arts in the country at a symposium in 2013. The Art of Transition Symposium took place in Yangon on 30–31 March 2013. It was the first public discussion of artist freedom …

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Myanmar/Burma: Freedom of expression in transition | Index on Censorship

29 July 2013

The third section of Index on Censorship’s report, ‘Freedom of expression in transition’, is about artistic freedom of expression and censorship within literature, comedy, visual art, performance art, music, and film in Burma. The report is written by Mike Harris, head of advocacy at Index on Censorship, and was published …

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Myanmar/Burma: Artist returns after 18 years of exile, precautiously

24 June 2013

Even though government censorship of art has eased in Burma, Win Pe, a leading figure in Burma’s modern arts movement, is still taking precautions. While he displayed 20 colorful paintings of zodiac signs in his exhibition in Rangoon recently, he kept others off the walls in an act of self-censorship, …

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