Malaysia: Black metal music under attack

28 October 2005

By Meredith Holmgren Malaysian authorities are once again targeting black metal as a source of satanic cult rituals. On 5 October 2005, Malaysian officials announced an investigation of “heavy metal cult” members, who they believe “practice animal sacrifices and destroy religious texts including the Koran” (AP, 6 October 2005). Many …

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Malaysia: Malay songs with English lyrics banned

20 April 2004

The government of Malaysia has banned songs that contain English lyrics from state-controlled radio and television stations On April 18th, 2004, a ban on Malay songs containing English lyrics went into effect for state-controlled broadcasters throughout Malaysia. The ban resulted from Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP, the Language and Literature …

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Mariah upsets Malaysian Muslims

16 January 2004

Malaysia’s Muslim opposition party has called for Mariah Carey to be barred from performing in the country. From BBC;  

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Malaysia: Music and moral

22 January 2003

Malaysia: music and moral Radio stations in Malaysia have been told to submit scripts of live programmes before they are broadcast. Story from BBC  

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