Artist Alert: August and September 2013 | Article 19

24 October 2013

Newsletter from Article 19, published on on 21 October 2013: Art, in any form, constitutes a key medium through which information and ideas are imparted and received. Artist Alert, launched by ARTICLE 19 in 2008, highlights cases of artists around the world whose right to freedom of expression has …

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Malaysia: Filmmakers question censorship board’s rating system

22 October 2013

Malaysian film censors are being accused of having double standards. “Spotlight is on the Film Censorship Board with questions raised over how it rates movies and if they can be re-rated in the name of profit,” wrote The Malay Mail on 22 October 2013. The issue cropped up after filmmaker …

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Malaysia: American heavy metal band denied permit to perform

5 September 2013

Christian and Islamic groups in Malaysia called for a festival concert with the American heavy metal band Lamb of God scheduled for 28 September 2013 in Kuala Lumpur to be banned. As a result, on 4 September, the band was reportedly denied permit to perform in Malaysia. Minister in the …

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India: Major media attention on lack of artistic freedom of speech

21 February 2013

India has been enthralled in what Salman Rushdie called a ‘cultural emergency’, with writers and artists harassed for opinions. “In India today, it seems, free speech is itself an atrocity,” wrote Suketu Mehta in New York Times on 5 February 2013: “Writers and artists of all kinds are being harassed, …

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Malaysia: Book banned after pressure from religious group

7 June 2012

Human rights organisations and journalist unions criticise the Malaysian government’s decision to ban a book on liberal Islam by the Canadian Muslim activist Irshad Manji. On 29 May 2012, Malaysian Home Affairs Minister Hishammuddin Hussein banned Irshad Manji’s new book ‘Allah, Liberty and Love’, saying it was “prejudicial to morality …

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Malaysia: Censorship in performing arts on the rise

19 April 2012

With censorship in popular media and performing arts seemingly on the rise in Malaysia, has the Muslim majority nation’s morality crusade impacted the visual art world as well? There is certainly no shortage of examples, reported Art Radar Asia on 18 April 2012: In a 2006 travelling show of South-east Asian-born …

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Malaysia: Committee to evaluate whether song should be banned

2 April 2012

  The Malaysian song ‘Bawaku Pergi’, which is sung by Kaka and actor-comedian Zizan, was suggested to be banned because it contains lyrics which could encourage young people to run away from home. The minister of culture wants to give it a second thought. The Malaysian Minister of Culture has …

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Malaysia: Political music video banned

4 October 2011

    Malaysia’s Information, Communications and Culture Minister Rais Yatim has deemed the video for the song ‘Undilah’ unsuitable for broadcast because it has contents which allegedly “offends certain segments of society”. In a mix of Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin, the video shows known Malaysian personalities urge Malaysians to …

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Malaysia: In League With Satan? – The Malaysian Black Metal Ban

23 September 2009

A personal account by the editor of The Devil On 45 Zine Author: ‘Ed On 45’ First published: 10 July 2009 What do you think of first when you hear the term ‘black metal’? Probably something along the lines of; high pitched vocals, blast beats, Scandinavia, forests, heavily distorted guitars, …

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