Singapore: New American freedom of art award

21 January 2015

The Indonesian artist FX Harsono received an inaugural Freedom of Art award in Singapore on 20 January 2015. It was presented to him by the U.S. ambassador to Singapore and the director of Art Stage Singapore. The Joseph Balestier Award for the Freedom of Art honours an artist or curator from Southeast …

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Indonesia: Film censorship board bans the American film ‘Noah’

26 March 2014

Indonesia has banned the release of the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Noah’, saying the biblical epic contradicts the teachings of the Koran and may mislead people. The ban in Indonesia follows similar moves in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain. » See on » Guardian Liberty Voice – 8 March 2014: Academy …

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Malaysia: Book banned after pressure from religious group

7 June 2012

Human rights organisations and journalist unions criticise the Malaysian government’s decision to ban a book on liberal Islam by the Canadian Muslim activist Irshad Manji. On 29 May 2012, Malaysian Home Affairs Minister Hishammuddin Hussein banned Irshad Manji’s new book ‘Allah, Liberty and Love’, saying it was “prejudicial to morality …

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Indonesia: The film ‘Heart of Jakarta’ banned by university officials

11 May 2012

A student group at Diponegoro University, Kronik Filmedia, was banned from screening ‘Sanubari Jakarta’ (‘Heart of Jakarta’) on campus. Officials banned the film, which previously passed muster at the Film Censorship Board and screened in movie theaters, for discussing the taboo-topics of ethnicity, religion, race and inter-group issues. “We have …

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Indonesia: Dangdut songs banned for ‘corrupting society’

29 March 2012

  10 popular Dangdut songs were banned in a province of Indonesia for being ‘pornographic’, reported BBC News. In BBC-reporter Karishma Vaswani’s words, Dangdut music sounds like “a cross between techno and Bollywood, but it is 100 per cent Indonesian.” A growing and vocal group of conservative Muslims in Indonesia …

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Indonesia: Punk concert raided by the police

15 December 2011

  Police in the Aceh province raided a punk concert, detaining 65 punk fans – shaving the young men’s heads and cutting the women’s hair, stripping away their body piercings and throwing them in pools of water for “spiritual cleansing”. After the bath and change of clothes, they were each …

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Indonesia: Religious group protests against new Buddha Bar in Jakarta

28 April 2009

The hip French lounge chain Buddha Bar is under pressure to close its only Asian branch, a club in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, amid corruption accusations and protests by Buddhists who say the use of their religious symbols are blasphemous. Associated Press reported from Jakarta that since the December 2008 …

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Indonesia: Inul Daratista has overcome censorship

12 December 2005

Inul Daratista’s music career has overcome bans and censorship. Today she remains one of the most popular dangdut stars Indonesia has ever had   By Meredith Holmgren Her Muslim name is Ainur Rokhimah, meaning “eyes of blessed love”. Her stage name is Inul Daratista, meaning “the girl with breasts”. Before she …

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