Chen Shi-Zheng

1 January 2001

“…Anything for the public that is not about how beautyful our country or people are, is not acceptable”, says Chinese opera director Chen Shi-Zhen. His long awaited staging of the 400-year-old classical opera “Mu Dan Ting” (Peony Pavillion) was not only banned inside the borders of China; the Shanghai Bureau …

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Non-artists on censorship

1 January 2000

NON-ARTISTS ON MUSIC CENSORSHIP Audio and video interviews on with researchers, experts, scholars and others Most recent Jeroen de Kloet – Dutch researcher, about China Mario Masvidal – professor from Cuba Maxwell Sibanda – journalist from Zimbabwe Maya Medich & Lemez Lovas – UK researchers, about Belarus Mirwaiss Sidiqi – director, about Afghanistan Introduction video – about Freemuse’s …

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