Cambodia: After two years with censors, controversial film to be released

4 May 2015

Cambodian filmmaker Chhay Bora’s controversial drama 3.50 is finally set to be released two years after being submitted to the government’s film censors for review. Produced by Bora and written by Justin Deimen, 3.50 is the fictional story of a US documentary filmmaker who submerges herself into the Phnom Penh human trafficking …

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Cambodia: Film about Khmer Rouge regime’s music censorship

20 April 2015

After a decade of research, the American filmmaker John Pirozzi is telling the story of music censorship in Cambodia in the 1960s and 1970s in the film ‘Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll’, which opens at Film Forum in New York, USA, on 22 April 2015. “Through …

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Cambodia: Song writer Yorm Bopha released on bail

2 December 2013

Cambodian land rights activist and protest-song writer Yorm Bopha was released on bail on 22 November 2013, pending a re-hearing of her case by the Court of Appeal. Yorm Bopha was arrested on 4 September 2012, and subsequently convicted of “intentional violence with aggravating circumstances” under Article 218 of the …

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Cambodia: Golden era of Cambodian music given its second airing

13 September 2013

“In 2009, Hobart-born, Phnom Penh-based rock guitarist Julien Poulson, 47, established the Cambodian Space Project. The ‘carousel’ of a band has had up to 22 singers, dancer and musicians, mostly from Cambodia, helping revive some of the music from the era, including that of the murdered artists.” “Pan Ron was …

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Cambodia: Ministry outlaws obscene songs

15 April 2009

The Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has outlawed all songs with ‘rude or obscene meanings’. According to the minister of women’s affairs, Ing Kantha Phavi, it could ‘help to reduce the number of rapes and other sex crimes in the Kingdom.’ In an interview with Phnom Penh Post, …

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USA / Cambodia: PraCh

21 November 2005

Born in Cambodia, but raised mostly in Long Beach, California, praCh is known as Cambodia’s first rap star. His first album reached number one in Cambodia, but was temporarily banned during election time. His music tells stories about the horror of living under Pol Pot and the ensuing hardships. On …

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Cambodia: Of Sounds and Survival – Khmer music

28 October 2005

1975-1979 was a period of genocidal censorship throughout Cambodia – the music and musicians barely survived. Today, Khmer artistic cultures are in recovery   By Meredith Holmgren 1975-1979 marks a period when Cambodian citizens were ruled under a most violent and oppressive regime headed by the Communist Party of Kampuchea, …

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