Zimbabwe: Song banned for allegedly criticising ruling party

26 January 2009

A song composed by Tongai Moyo, a popular Zimbabwean musician, has reportedly been denied air play by the state-controlled Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), which has sole monopoly of the country’s airwaves, reported Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) from Windhoek, Namibia. SOURCE: This news story was distributed via email alert …

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Zimbabwe: Musician asks: why do you ban my music?

11 August 2008

In an open letter in the Zimbabwean newspaper Harare Tribune in August 2008, musician Leonard Zhakata asks the country’s ruling party ZANU-PF: “Why do you ban my music from being played on ZBC tv and radio?” When Leonard Zhakata first heard that certain of his songs had been banned from …

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Zimbabwe: Two men arrested for listening to banned music album

18 June 2008

Job of a secret police officer in Zimbabwe now hangs in balance. His offence: he was linked to music that is deemed to be ‘sensitive’ by president Robert Mugabe’s regime By Sebastian Nyamhangambiri, reporting for Freemuse from Harare Joram Chikomwe, a police detective with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), was …

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Zimbabwe: Two musicians in hiding from police

12 June 2008

Two musicians who are facing charges for singing songs that are ‘sensitive’ failed to appear in court, and now a Harare magistrate court has issued a warrant of arrest for them.By Sebastian Nyamhangambiri, reporting for Freemuse from Harare Happison Mabika, 32, and Patience Takaona, 28, did not appear before the …

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Zimbabwe: Censorship does not silence music

3 June 2008

Many songs of the Zimbabwean music star Leonard Zhakata have been blacklisted by the state broadcaster. This has not silenced him, though, as a spokesman for tolerance and peace. During the past months he has toured the country with his band, performing in rural and marginalised communities. INTERVIEW – by …

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Zimbabwe: Censored musician launches internet ‘protest radio’

26 May 2008

Voto Radio Station invites all protest singers whose work is banned in Zimbabwe to use it as a platform where they can musically voice their concerns without fear of repression By Harriet Chigege, Viomak’s publicity officer UK-based Zimbabwean protest singer Viomak has found a way of evading censorship in her …

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Zimbabwe: Duo have to come back to court in June

7 May 2008

A Harare magistrate has remanded out of custody two musicians who are facing charges of singing songs that are ‘sensitive’. The Magistrate told a court full of relatives and friends of the deadlocked duo of Happison Mabika (32) and Patience Takaona (28) that they would have to come back to …

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Zimbabwe: Singing for the opposition is a crime

23 April 2008

Five days imprisonment and a possible custodial sentence has not deterred two Zimbabwean protest singers from continuing to sell their new album, but they have had to go into hiding. By Sebastian Nyamhangambiri reporting for Freemuse from Harare   Happison Handson Mabika, 32, and Patience Takaona, 28, were granted bail …

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Zimbabwe: Protest musician overcomes obstacles

26 March 2008

Zimbabwean musician Raymond Majongwe could not find anyone who would print or publish his music within the country. Like other protest musicians, he had to resort to foreign lands for recording his new album. By Sebastian Nyamhangambiri reporting for Freemuse from Harare In Zimbabwe – a place where the dissenting …

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