Uganda: Theatre producer face a two-year prison sentence

27 September 2012

British theatre producer David Cecil, 34, was granted bail after a couple of days in a prison near the capital Kampala, but his passport was confiscated, and he is due back in court on 18 October. He could face a two-year prison sentence if convicted. David Cecil is charged with …

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Uganda: Media Council bans performance with homosexual theme

4 September 2012

Performances of a play about the struggles of a young, gay Ugandan businessman was halted by Media Council authorities one day before its scheduled opening night at the National Theatre in Uganda’s capital, Kampala. ‘The River and The Mountain’, written by the British playwright Beau Hopkins, portrays a corporate businessman …

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Uganda: Two songs banned for ‘defamation’

6 January 2010

Two songs by musician Mathias Walukagga – a prominent ‘kadongo kamu’ artist in Uganda’s capital Kampala – was banned from being played or distributed as from 3 November 2009 on the pretext that they were meant to demean and belittle a prominent business man in Kampala, Ssalongo Kasawuli, who is …

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Uganda/Denmark: Dance troupe forced to cancel performance

21 November 2006

Because of a ban from Uganda’s government, and because of fear of “reprisals”, the Danish-Ugandan dance troupe Faces of Uganda decided to cancel their performance scheduled for an opening of a controversial exhibition in Copenhagen The exhibition entitled ‘The Hornsleth Village Project’ by Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth is based …

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