Tanzania: Political pressure and corruption silence musicians

8 April 2008

According to Tanzanian musician Muumin Mwinjuma there are a significant number of causes for oppression and censorship of music in Tanzania – ranging from political pressure and corruption in media houses to economically unfair rewards, all of which lead to so many frustrations for Mwinjuma that he dropped his music …

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Tanzania: Self-censorship and fear in the “Island paradise”

22 January 2008

”Zanzibar is marketed to tourists as an “Island paradise”. The reality for its local musicians is quite different: Threats and intimidations to critical thought expressed through music have reduced musical creations and performances in Zanzibar to mere entertainment function. By Lingson Adam, writing for Freemuse from Arusha, Tanzania Zanzibar, once …

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Tanzania: Pressured to stop performing for opposition party

20 October 2007

Interview with Tanzanian composer and performer Mzee Seif Thabit who says he has been censored for his alignment with opposition political parties By Lingson Adam, reporting for Freemuse from Mbeya in Tanzania “I was being followed up frequently. In the beginning they were polite. I thought they were joking. Later on …

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Tanzania: Hip-hop musicians threatened by religious group

1 October 2007

‘Stern and prompt measures’ will be taken against any musician who use the name of Jesus Christ in song lyrics, warned a religious spokesperson to the newspaper Majira By Lingson Adam, reporting for Freemuse from Arusha in Tanzania A member of Common God International, a Christian denomination in Dar es Salaam, …

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