Commentary from South Africa: Music Freedom from self-censorship Day

3 March 2011

“Buying artists to advance some political party’s cause may not be censorship, but more often than not, it will lead to self-censorship, which equally places us on the slippery slope,”writes Mike van Graan, Secretary General of Arterial Network, in his Music Freedom Day commentary from South Africa. By Mike van …

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South Africa: Controversy over whether ‘hate song’ should be banned

25 February 2011

The Irish singer Bono’s alleged defense of a controversial song, ‘Shoot the Boer’, has triggered heated debate and widespread outrage in South Africa. The country’s Supreme Court is currently considering whether the song should be banned for violating the white farmers’ rights. The ANC are fighting the ban calling the …

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South Africa: Old anti-apartheid song banned on hate speech charges

19 April 2010

On 26 March 2010, a South African court prohibited the singing of a controversial anti-apartheid song, ‘Ayesab’amagwala’ (‘The cowards are afraid’). A part of the lyrics translates as ‘kill the boer’, or ‘shoot the boer’, urging to the shooting of white farmers, and the singing of the song has indirectly …

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Human Rights for Musicians – Impressions & Descriptions: Roger Lucey

30 January 2009

PUBLICATIONS   TEN YEARS WITH FREEMUSE     IMPRESSIONS & DESCRIPTIONS   Roger Lucey Musician and composer, South Africa       The singer’s voice has always been the strongest. Not through bombast or verbosity like the politician. Or through brute strength or bullying like the law enforcer. The singer’s …

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South Africa: Rap song banned for incitement to violence

7 March 2008

NEWS   The song ‘Get Out’ by Zimbabwean-born hip-hop artist Zubz has been banned on the South African Broadcasting Corporation, SABC. This followed a complaint to the Broadcasting Compliants Tribunal of South Africa by a right wing party called Freedom Front Plus stating that the song contained hate speech In …

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Zimbabwe / South Africa: ‘Travelling concert’ highlights repression

7 January 2008

A socalled ‘travelling concert’ event in Southern Africa gives stage to Zimbabwean artists who have suffered censorship of some of their work on state-controlled radio and television. Mbira star Chiwoniso Maraire was a key figure on the ‘Make Some Noise’ protest concert in South Africa which gathered a crowd of …

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South Africa: Roger Lucey

6 February 2007

Musician and journalist Roger Lucey’s music was banned during apartheid in South Africa. In this interview he speaks about his personal experiences with music censorship: it’s impact on the artist, about the long term effects of censorship in a society such as South Africa, and how to deal with the …

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Journalist workshop in South Africa about music censorship

25 January 2007

A workshop organised by Freemuse in March 2007 aims at upgrading the knowledge of African journalists who already work in the field of human rights to also include music censorship issues Freemuse is in the process of developing a network of ‘stringers’ who can provide insight information and articles about music …

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South Africa: Public radio bans Zulu hit song

4 April 2006

The title track from the South African album ‘Msholozi’ by Izingane Zoma has been banned by the South African Broadcasting Corporation on the grounds that it is regarded to be “too political” A trio of traditional Zulu singers has hit the big time and ignited controversy with a tribute to …

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