South Africa: Freedom of expression workshops and awards

4 August 2015

Freedom of expression workshops and awards at the Durban International Film Festival 2015, ‘Screen Africa’. Freedom of expression and related issues were a core feature of Arterial Network’s three-fold presence at the 36th edition of the Durban International Film Festival, as part of its Artwatch Africa artist rights programme. A …

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A brush too far? Six art pieces that stirred controversy in Africa

22 April 2015

“A selection of bold, daring and provocative art makes up this list of six art pieces from around the continent. In one way or another, they challenged the communities they appeared in. Sometimes the artwork offended people’s political sensibilities, sometimes it challenged people’s sense of African social norms and customs. …

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Deji Bryce Olukotun: The spear of the N-word

21 January 2015

Opinion-piece by Deji Bryce Olukotun    INSIGHT  In May 2012, a man walked into a South African art gallery and vandalised a painting, portraying President Jacob Zuma naked, that was entitled The Spear of the Nation. He was quietly apprehended by security and did not resist. A few minutes later, …

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South Africa: Call for ban of song allegedly romanticising violence

24 November 2014

South Africans discuss whether the song ‘Larney Jou Poes’ by Cape Town band Dookoom is political hip-hop or hate speech: When does an artistic expression of anger become incitement to violence or “romanticising” of imminent violence? ‘Larney Jou Poes’ was published on on 15 October 2014. It was viewed …

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