Somalia: Bloodshed continues and music disappears

4 July 2008

Radical Islamist groups have unleashed a renewed crackdown on music, cinemas, and music-related events as part of their unrelenting efforts to silence the music and musicians of Somalia. By Abdulkadir M. Wa’ays Militia from radical Islamist groups are currently engaged in fighting with Somalia’s weak government forces and its allied …

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Somalia: Musician murdered by men armed with knives

20 June 2008

In the early hours of 18 June 2008, the musician Abdulkadir Adow Ali was stabbed to death in Mogadishu.   By Abdulkadir M. Wa’ays Abdulkadir Adow Ali was a former member of the Waberi National Band, and a multi-skilled musician, singer, actor, and music composer. He was killed by men …

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Somalia: 30 musicians lashed by religious militia 12 years ago

10 June 2008

Somali woman singer tells the untold story of how, on 8 January 1996, local Islamic court’s militia raided a concert in North Mogadishu, took 30 musicians into custody, and confiscated their instruments. The next day, the musicians, accused of corrupting the morals of Somalis, were sentenced to 20 lashes each …

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Somalia: Dilemmas facing Somali music and musicians

23 April 2008

 Musicians and singers in Somalia are continuously facing targeted killings, intimidation, injuries, and deprivation of their basic rights to work and express themselves freely by all sides in the country’s conflict, but these violations against Somali artists are not reported, writes journalist and author Abdulkadir M. Wa’ays in this analysis. …

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Somalia: Young rap group rails against conservative Somali Muslims

12 June 2007

Waayaha Cusub, a group of young Somali refugee musicians in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, advocates freedom of musical expression in Somalia “We don’t want that religious extremism. We want our freedom, the freedom to listen to what we want,” the group sings. Their song ‘Freedom’ rails against the Islamic Courts …

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Maryam Mursal

26 October 2006

Composer and vocalist (Somalia)   Maryam Mursal (born 1950) is a famous musician and singer from Somalia, residing in exile in Denmark. In this interview which was recorded after her performance at a festival in the town Haderslev in Denmark in July 2006, she explains that music is not forbidden …

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Somalia: Confusion over music prohibition

26 October 2006

Two very different stories are coming out of Somalia at the moment. One says that Islamist hardliners want to silence all music, Taliban-style, and that they want the executives of a music committee sentenced to death. Another that this is not true and that the story could be invented with the sole purpose of making it …

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Somalia: Islamists ban music in areas of Somalia

12 September 2006

According to an Islamic official in Somalia, music is now banned in the country, and anyone violating the music ban could be arrested, fined and flogged. Initially, a Somali radio station has been closed down for broadcasting love songs  Authorities backed by the Islamic Courts Union in Jowhar, some 90 …

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1980s Africa

1 January 2001

1980-1990. Mauritania. Malouma Mint El-Meidah All her songs were forbidden on national radio and television. reason: she criticise in her songs the government and the conservatives. Source: Moktar Gaouad: ‘Committed to rebellion’, in: Index of Censorship: ‘Smashed Hits’ Volume 27, 6/1998, p. 71-73 1980s. Somalia. Maryam Mursal Maryam Mursal made …

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