Somalia: 14 radio stations in Somalia’s capital turned off music

14 April 2010

All radio stations in Mogadishu stopped playing music on 13 April 2010, following an ultimatum by hardline Islamist militia, reported AFP. By Freemuse Tuesday 13 April 2010 was quickly declared ‘the day the music died’ in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu. “But who killed it and how was it killed?,” Freemuse’s correspondent, …

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Somalia: Music ban on radio stations was expected

7 April 2010

On 3 April 2010, the top commander for Hisbul Islam in Mogadishu, Ma’allin Hashi Mohamed Farah, issued a 10-day ultimatum to the Mogadishu-based radio stations to stop airing all kinds of music or face unspecified Sharia-based penalties. A regional analyst, Abdulkadir M. Wa’ays, writes in this article that the ban …

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Somalia/ Kenya: Interview with Somali music shop owner in exile

10 February 2010

Fatma Adow is one of 25 women who on November 2008 faced the wrath of Somali militiamen the for taking part in a folklore dance galore in Somalia. She was interviewed in her Kenyan exile by Suleiman Mbatiah for “How can our own culture be ‘un-Islamic’?“ asks Fatma Adow. …

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Somalia: Rule no 1: “Music should not be aired”

5 October 2009

On 15 September 2009, the newly appointed Al-Shabaab information officer in Belet-Hawo town, in the Gedo region of southwestern Somalia, convened a meeting of journalists in the town and read to them a list of edicts the Al-Shabaab want to see implemented in the media. The edicts which were presented …

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Somalia: Religious groups stop music at weddings with violence

24 August 2009

Somalia experiences an on-going struggle over the right to listen to music and dance to it. These are the latest reports in international media about militant Islamists’ atttacks and crack-downs on music In a typical Somali wedding, women dance with men to the tunes of Somali love songs, performed by …

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Somalia: Music suppressor elected as president

11 February 2009

The Islamist cleric who was elected as Somalia’s new president on 31 January 2009 has a long history of silencing musical expression in Somalia. The future looks increasingly bleak for music and musicians in Somalia, writes Freemuse correspondent and Somalia analyst, Abdulkadir M. Wa’ays, in this exclusive article.  By Abdulkadir …

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Somalia: 32 traditional dancers lashed in public

18 November 2008

  On 14 November 2008 an Islamist group arrested and whipped 25 women and seven men because they had been singing and dancing By Abdulkadir M. Wa’ays On Friday night 14 November 2008, militiamen from the Union of Islamic Courts raided a traditional folklore dancing event on the suburbs of …

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Somalia: Attacks on music practitioners

9 October 2008

On 18 June 2008, unidentified men armed with knives killed a multi-skilled musician singer in Mogadishu: the musician Abdulkadir Adow Ali was stabbed to death. This is the report of a one-day seminar about music censorship and attacks on music practitioners in Somalia, which was held at Hotel Sahafi in …

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Somalia: Musician gunned down by militiamen

23 July 2008

Targeted ‘double-killings’ of musicians and writers in Somalia continue unabated. On 21 July 2008, militiamen from the Somali Islamist groups, armed with pistols, gunned down musician Omar Nur Basharah in the capital Mogadishu. By Abdulkadir M. Wa’ays The assailants shot Omar Nur Basharah several times in the chest as he …

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Somalia / Somaliland: University students obstructed music event

8 July 2008

The students of the University of Hargeisa in the capital Hargeisa in Somaliland, a self-declared independent state, rejected and obstructed a celebration for the World Music Day, which was scheduled to take place at the conference-hall of the university on 21 June, 2008. This incident indicates the level of influence …

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