Sierra Leone: Musician allegedly censored due to political song

7 September 2016

Popular musician Emmerson Bockarie claims the government has banned him from playing a concert in Sierra Leone capital Freetown and a radio DJ has said that his station manager told him to not play the artist’s latest hit ‘Munku Boss Pan Matches’ (‘A Kid in a Candy Store’), a 15-minute …

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Sierra Leone: Two filmmakers detained and fined; film banned

5 April 2016

Police detained filmmakers Sheku Ngaojia and Alpha Sibbie on 8 March 2016 on charges that their latest film ‘Tribal War: Mende vs Temne’ provoked fear and incited ethnic conflict, according to Arterial Network. The filmmakers pleaded guilty to the charges on 18 March 2016 and opted to pay a 1,000,000 …

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Sierra Leone: Interview with Daddy Saj

29 August 2007

Freemuse interviewed Sierra Leone’s superstar Daddy Saj in August 2007 to learn more about why he was imprisoned in 2004 after publishing a song about corruption. By John Sahr Sahid, freelance journalist and writer – reporting for Freemuse from Freetown in Sierra Leone Many musicians in Sierra Leone have found …

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Sierra Leone: Death threats to musicians

28 August 2007

Two well-known musicians in Sierra Leone wrote a song in support of a political party. Soon after they received death threats from their political opponents and had to go in hiding. The so-called ‘musicalisation of the political scene’ turned into a dangerous enterprise for the composers of campaign songs during …

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Sierra Leone: Musicians stopped from entering the political arena

14 February 2007

A performance with one of Sierra Leone’s most popular artists, K-Man, was stopped. As a supporter of the ruling party, he finds himself caught in an on-going debate in the country as to whether it should be forbidden for musicians to be politically active in campaign rallies Recently one of …

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