Zimbabwean Censorship Board absent from censorship discussion

22 September 2004

An Arts & Censorship Discussion on 9 September in Harare discussed the possible impact of recent Censorship Board actions. Report from Maxwell Sibanda.   Government representatives from the Censorship Board failed to turn up for a crucial discussion on censorship of artistic work which was held on 9 September in …

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Zimbabwe: Complete control – Music and propaganda in Zimbabwe

20 September 2004

Complete control: Music and propaganda in Zimbabwe The Zanu PF government’s involvement in the commissioning of propaganda music productions has introduced a new form of censorship in Zimbabwe. In commissioning several propaganda music albums, jingles and videos, the government has managed to elbow what it calls “politically incorrect” music compositions …

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Angola: When the people’s silence speaks

1 March 2004

Here is a rare, detailed description of the present situation for a number of underground hip-hop artists in Angola, written by the Angolan journalist Rafael Marques. The article features an interview with the 22-year-old rapper MCK. “Music has no place in the grand scheme of politics in Angola. Especially not …

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Freemuse report on censorship in Nigeria: “Which way Nigeria?”

30 April 2003

Jean-Christophe Servant “Which way Nigeria?” Music under Threat: A Question of Money, Morality, Self-Censorship and the Sharia Freemuse, Copenhagen, April 2003 ISSN 1601-2127 Many Nigerian musicians battle for economic and professional survival, as the NTBB (Not To Be Broadcasted) code at national radio/TV, payola, and Islamic Sharia Laws affects the …

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South Africa: Film documentary ‘Stopping the Music’

15 September 2002

STOPPING THE MUSIC Music censorship in South Africa South Africa 2002, 54 minutes Directed by Douglas Mitchell Produced by Michael Drewett Press release ‘Stopping the music’ is the story of a South African protest singer and the security branch policeman assigned to end his career. The events surrounding the central …

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Presentation of Zimbabwe report by Banning Eyre

30 October 2001

Freemuse report on Zimbabwe presented at WOMEX 2001     Journalist and writer Banning Eyre (US) presenting his report, Playing With Fire – Fear and Self-Censorship in Zimbabwean Music, at WOMEX, Rotterdam, 27th of October 2001. He talks about the background for the report and mentions some examples of music …

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Freemuse report on music censorship in Zimbabwe

25 October 2001

  Banning Eyre Playing with Fire: Fear and Self-Censorship in Zimbabwean Music. Freemuse, Copenhagen, October 2001, ISSN 1601-2127 Banning Eyre, one of the United States’ foremost journalists on African music, on the situation in Mugabe’s increasingly repressive Zimbabwe.Watch video from the official presentation of the report at WOMEX 2001, click …

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