Zimbabwe: South African group banned because of music video

1 November 2010

The South African band Freshlyground has been banned from performing in Zimbabwe after releasing the music video ‘Chicken to Change’ which mocks the country’s President Robert Mugabe. The group was scheduled for a concert in Harare, capital of Zimbabwe, but the immigration authorities revoked their working visas. The song is …

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Cameroon: Musicians are silent after Lapiro’s imprisonment

20 October 2010

The fact that Lapiro is in prison for his music has discouraged other artists in the country to create any kind of innovative projects or critical song lyrics, writes a reporter from Cameroon about the ‘delicate situation’ in the country’s music industry “The situation of music in Camerooon is not …

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Nigeria: Banned Hausa rapper uses internet for alternative distribution

13 September 2010

Hausa rapper Ziriums satirical song ‘Girgiza Kai’ (Shake Your Head) was banned by the Kano State government. Instead, Ziriums uses online sites to distribute his songs, reported blogger Carmen McCain. Ziriums has released his album ‘This is Me’ online. During a July 2009 film interview, Ziriums talked about the album …

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Cameroon: Lapiro fires back at Minister of Communication

30 August 2010

Lapiro de Mbanga, imprisoned since 2008 retaliates at Minister of Communication Issa Bakary Tchiroma, who on 30 July 2010 announced that Cameroon did not host any political prisoners. Lapiro responded swiftly to remind the Minister that he has been detained for his opinions since 2008. The imprisoned singer has now also …

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25 August 2010

Rapper Azagaia speaks about freedom of expression in Mozambique   Azagaia means light javelin or spear. It is also the name used by a Mozambican hip-hop artist, rapper and sociologist, Edson da Luz. The rawness of his music and the lyrical content of his songs have caused discomfort in some …

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Somalia: Al-Shabaab bans music like the Taliban

23 August 2010

Somalia is starting to resemble Afghanistan under the Taliban, where hard-line Islamist militia bans music and movies and forbids the public from watching sports on tv, reported the Associated Press. Events in the past years in the failed state of Somalia indicate that Islamist groups like Al-Shabaab are doing their …

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Zimbabwe: Opposition music denied airtime

18 August 2010

As Zimbabweans brace for a possible election next year, contesting political parties have turned to music for their campaigns. By Maxwell Sibanda reporting for Freemuse from Harare, Zimbabwe The Zanu (PF) party led by President Robert Mugabe has already started playing its political songs on the national broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting …

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Cameroon: International Pen and Freemuse in joint appeal for Lapiro

30 June 2010

African Human Rights organisations and monitoring systems are urged to act on behalf of singer Lapiro de Mbanga. In a joint appeal letter International Pen and Freemuse ask for assistance in ensuring that Cameroon act in a manner consistent with its own legal obligations and those of international law and …

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