8 February 2017

ART UNDER THREAT IN 2016: NIGERIA SERIOUS VIOLATIONS: 15 ACTS OF CENSORSHIP: 3 The cases of violations of artistic freedom of expression seen in Nigeria in 2016 reflect the complex political and religious systems in the country. Violations are implemented by the government, local state authorities, religious institutions, families, artistic …

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Nigeria: Performance artists cleared of charges

9 August 2016

The Ejigbo Magistrate Court cleared performance artist Jelili Atiku and five other artists on 18 July 2016 of all the criminal charges against them stemming from a public performance piece staged in Lagos in January 2016, reported civil society organisation Arterial Network on 22 July 2016. “We are very pleased …

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Nigeria: Filmmakers in court over “unauthorised” movie release

19 April 2016

Three filmmakers were summoned to the Kano State Censorship Board’s mobile court on 6 April 2016 in north-western Nigeria for the “unauthorised” release of their latest film ‘Ana Wata Ga Wata’, which was earlier banned by the board, reported newspaper Daily Trust on 6 April 2016. The three filmmakers include …

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Nigeria: Performance artists face new, unexpected charges

11 March 2016

Performance artist Jelili Atiku, along with five other artists, appeared in court on 7 March 2016 for their first hearing related to a public performance piece staged on 14 January 2016, which led to their arrest four days later. At the hearing, the original four-count charge was changed to seven …

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Music Freedom Day video: ‘From Zombies to Revolutionaries’

14 February 2016

  In the lead-up to the annual Music Freedom Day on 3 March 2016, Freemuse is proud to present the music video for a unique track with a group of today’s most powerful Arab and Iranian revolutionary artists joining together to cover Fela Kuti’s most powerful political song, ‘Zombie’. “Music …

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