Mauritius Islands: Ras Natty Baby free at last

28 September 2006

One of the most popular artists of the Indian Ocean was released from prison on 21 September 2006 – the man who had invented ‘seggae music’, Ras Natty Baby By Daniel Brown, Freemuse & Mondomix Ras Natty Baby had always clamoured his innocence against charges of drug-smuggling which kept him behind …

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Mauritius Islands: The Case of Ras Natty Baby

18 May 2005

After more than two years in jail, the support for Ras Natty Baby seems to have abated with little fresh information on his website, and a loss of media interest. This, according to Daniel Brown, editor-in-chief for, journalist at RFI and vice chair for Freemuse:     In April 2003, Mauritian …

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