Mauritania: Rapper harassed and attacked by police

8 September 2016

Police stopped Mauritanian rapper Yëro Gaynääko (real name Yéro Abdoulaye Sow) on 16 August 2016 while on the road back to the capital Nouakchott, forcibly removing the rapper out of the car, accusing him of being drugged and taking him to a police station where he was assaulted and verbally …

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Artist Alert: November 2013 | Article 19

6 December 2013

Newsletter from Article 19, published on on 5 December 2013: Art, in any form, constitutes a key medium through which information and ideas are imparted and received. Artist Alert, launched by ARTICLE 19 in 2008, highlights cases of artists around the world whose right to freedom of expression has …

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Mauritania: Two rappers detained and interrogated

17 November 2013

Security forces detained rapper and singer Leïla Moulay (also spelled: Laila Moulaye) on 13 November 2013, one day after rapper Hamzo Bryn was taken into custody. The detention came in response to their 28 September 2013 online release of a video titled ‘It started from Nouakchott’ by Hamzo’s group Soco …

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Mauritania: Rap artist injured by grenade

16 December 2011

The newspaper Alakbar reports that rap artist Abou Fall, aka Abou Ngabou, was injured by a grenade during a protest march organized by the organization “Touche Pas A Ma Nationalité”. The grenade was thrown by the police when they tried to disperse the crowd. The rap artist was injured in …

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1980s Africa

1 January 2001

1980-1990. Mauritania. Malouma Mint El-Meidah All her songs were forbidden on national radio and television. reason: she criticise in her songs the government and the conservatives. Source: Moktar Gaouad: ‘Committed to rebellion’, in: Index of Censorship: ‘Smashed Hits’ Volume 27, 6/1998, p. 71-73 1980s. Somalia. Maryam Mursal Maryam Mursal made …

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Mauritania: Political Correctness –A Letter From Maalouma

18 March 1998

Speech by Ms. Ms. Maalouma Meida Mint, at the 1st Freemuse World conference in 1998  I was born in an artist’s family. I was taught traditional music by my father who was known as the best musician in my country. I was distinguished from other musicians because I was considered …

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