Ethiopia: Teddy Afro’s trial takes a strange twist

6 August 2008

The defence lawyer of reggae singer Teddy Afro and an editor-in-chief of a local newspaper which interviewed the lawyer were arrested in Addis Ababa on 4 August 2008. The lawyer was convicted to 50 days in prison on 6 August.  By Tsigue Shiferaw – Freemuse’s reporter in Addis Ababa The …

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Ethiopia: No release for singer Teddy Afro

14 July 2008

Singer Teddy Afro is still imprisoned after he appeared in court again on 4 July 2008. “This is a political trial, where the authorities are framing a popular singer,” writes Tsigue Shiferaw By Tsigue Shiferaw – Freemuse’s reporter in Addis Ababa On Friday 4 July 2008, the Ethiopian singer Teddy …

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Ethiopia: Three witnesses testify in musician’s trial

26 May 2008

Singer Teddy Afro, who was arrested by the authorities last month for a hit and run accident back in November 2006, appeared in court on 21 May 2008. This fifth hearing allowed the prosecution to introduce its key witnesses to the court. By Tsigue Shiferaw – Freemuse’s reporter in Addis …

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Ethiopia: Popular protest singer imprisoned

7 May 2008

On 16 April 2008 the Ethiopian reggae singer Teddy Afro was suddenly arrested and charged with causing the death of a young man in a hit-and-run traffic accident in November 2006. ‘Why Teddy Afro and why now?’ his fans ask. Teddy Afro’s song ‘Jah Yasteseryal’ (which translates to ‘Redemption’ or …

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Ethiopia/Sweden: concert cancelled due to death threat

5 December 2005

Death threats against the Ethiopian pop star and reggae artist Tewodros Kassahun, also known as “Teddy Afro”, caused the Swedish festival Selam to cancel his concert in Stockholm, reports the Swedish music magazine Lira. On the internet, however, another version of this news story was published. According to, Teddy …

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Eritrea bans Ethiopian songs

21 January 2003

Bar and music shops owners have been told not to play Amharic music in public Story from BBC         ABSTRACT The people of Afghanistan under Taliban rule are subjected to an extreme form of music censorship. The only musical activity permitted is the singing of certain types …

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