Cameroun: Musician Lapiro de Mbanga faces new trial

11 February 2009

The government of Cameroon is being accused of severe violations of human rights as the musician Lapiro de Mbanga is confronted with a new trial on absurd charges that it was a song of his that led to the destruction of a banana plantation. Can a song make workers destroy …

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Cameroon: Campaign for release of Lapiro

17 December 2008

  The company Vigier launches a new campaign for the release of the Cameroonese musician Lapiro de Mbanga. Vigier is the company that supplied Lapiro with a guitar that he has used in more than 20 years to create his music. It is seldom that music companies openly protest against …

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Cameroon: Singer sentenced to three years in jail

25 September 2008

Several news sites reported that the popular singer Lapiro de Mbanga was sentenced to three years in jail for taking part in anti-government riots in Cameroon in February 2008. Protests and appeals The Writers in Prison Committee (WiPC) of International PEN and Freemuse protests the three-year prison sentence and exorbitant …

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Cameroon: Appeal for songwriter detained for his lyrics

7 August 2008

CAMPAIGNS AND ACTION  The Writers in Prison Committee (WiPC) of International PEN and Freemuse protests the four-month detention of the well known singer-songwriter Lapiro de Mbanga. International Pen Writers in Prison Committee’s Rapid Action Network sent the following appeal on 7 august 2008: The Writers in Prison Committee (WiPC) of …

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Cameroon: Singer taken to court in chains

15 July 2008

One of Cameroon’s best-known singers was in chains when he was brought to a court room on 9 July 2008, accused of causing anti-government riots in February. Lapiro de Mbanga’s case, however, was adjourned to 23 July. Another arrested musician, Joe La Conscience, was released on 16 June. Lapiro de …

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Cameroun: Emprisonn

24 April 2008

Un musicien arrêté, un autre condamné à six mois d’emprisonnement pour avoir critiqué des amendements constitutionnels qui permettent au Président de rester au pouvoir durant toute sa vie, rapporte la Fondation des Médias pour l’Afrique de l’Ouest. Deux musiciens renommés, Lapiro de Mbanga et Joe La Conscience, ont été arrêtés …

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Cameroon: Imprisoned for singing ‘Constipated Constitution’

24 April 2008

Two musicians have been arrested for criticizing constitutional amendments which allows the president unlimited terms of office, reported Media Foundation for West Africa Two renowned musicians, Lapiro de Mbanga and Joe La Conscience, have been arrested and detained by the authorities in Cameroon for singing songs in which they criticized …

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2 January 2000

Cameroon/Russia: The artist vs. the state Video clip of the session ‘THE ARTIST VS. THE STATE: THE CASE OF LAPIRO DE MBANGA AND THE CAMPAIGN FOR PUSSY RIOT’ at the conference ‘All that is Banned is desired’. 14 December 2012   Cameroon: Petition for musicians LabourStart has launched an online …

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