Press release: Freemuse receives international award

19 October 2009

Tunisia:  The International Music Council (IMC) has awarded Freemuse the IMC Inaugural Musical Rights Award for its “courageous global programme advocating freedom of musical expression for creators and performers of music.”   The award was presented during the ‘3rd IMC World Forum on Music’ which is currently taking place in Tunisia. …

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Press release: Freemuse urges OIC to protect musicians

20 April 2009

 Freemuse is deeply concerned that in several member states of the OIC, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, musicians and music retailers are being attacked, banned and even killed in the name of religion In an appeal to Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Freemuse urges the OIC to strongly dissociate itself …

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Press release: Music Freedom Day 2009

18 March 2009

Music Freedom Day 2009   Concert & seminar with censored artists in Stockholm 3 March Artists from Turkey, Zimbabwe and Iran facing censorship join forces with Swedish Award Winner in a unique concert when Re:Orient in collaboration with Freemuse organise a concert and a seminar dedicated to freedom of expression for musicians and composers. …

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Press release: Freemuse Award to Tiken Jah Fakoly

20 August 2008

Exiled Côte d’Ivorian reggae singer receives award to acknowledge fight for freedom of expression Press conference on 22 August: A press conference will be held in Dublin to mark the acceptance by outspoken Côte d’Ivorian reggae singer Tiken Jah Fakoly of the first ever Freemuse Award. Tiken Jah Fakoly, Maria Korpe …

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Freemuse Award statuette created by world-renowned glass artist

18 August 2008

  World-renowned Swedish glass designer Göran Wärff has created the Freemuse Award statuette, which is presented for the first time ever to the Ivorian reggae star Tiken Jah Fakoly in Dublin, United Kingdom, on Saturday 23 August 2008.   By Ole Reitov, programme officer, Freemuse           The award …

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Press release: EU-MP joins Freemuse at Tunc court case in Izmir

27 September 2007

Leading member of the European Parliament joins Freemuse at Ferhat Tunç court case in Izmir next week [This Freemuse press release was sent via e-mail to 312 journalists and media houses world-wide on Thursday 27 September 2007 at 16:11 GMT] When Turkish singer Ferhat Tunç enters the Izmir 10th High …

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Press release: ‘Hidden Truths’ Belarus report in Russian translation

27 September 2007

For the first time, a report “Hidden Truths” published by Freemuse is translated into Russian. In the report Freemuse turns its attention to Belarus, where freedoms of information and expression have become the unrelenting victims in an increasingly destructive battle for political control. В своём последнем отчёте о музыке и …

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Press release: Post 9/11 USA report

13 February 2006

’Singing in the Echo Chamber’ Music censorship in the U.S. after September 11th New Freemuse report written by Eric Nuzum   Publishing Date: 13 February 2006 Media contact :     ‘As a result of their outspoken actions, many musicians have experienced strong resistance, sometimes resulting in censorship’   Soon …

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17 October 2003

Freemuse está iniciando una compañia internacional a cerca de la: APREHENSIÓN DUDOSA DE UN MÚSICO CUBANO   Freemuse pide al gobierno Cubano de reconsiderar un caso débil contra el músico controversial de rock, Gorki Luis Àguila Carrasco, que fue formalmente declarado culpable al narcotráfico y sentenciado para cuatro años.   …

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