1 January 2000

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS         More about USA Music and Islam Extreme music / hate music

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Declaration from the 1st World Conference on Music and Censorship in November 1998

18 November 1998

During the conference it has been documented that numerous governments and political and religious groups in the World Community are violating the rights of freedom of expression for musicians, songwriters, lyricists and composers. These violations include censorship, banning, physical and mental abuse, imprisonment and even assassination. As specified in the …

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South Africa: Pops Mohamed

18 March 1998

“I was a shadow player. We played behind curtains. It was a black guy playing behind the stage and a white player up on the stage,” tells Pops Mohamed about one of the more peculiar and dangerous effects of censorship in South Africa during apartheid. Pops Mohamed was interviewed in …

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