Palestine/Israel: Amal Murkus

9 October 2002

Amal – Palestinian singer born and living in Israel – and rejected by every major Israeli record company, has set new standards in expressions based on cross Mediterranean influences. Amal, singing in Arabic of suffering, sadness and hope, is constantly on the forefront in the fight against the exclusion and …

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Mali: Salif Keita

1 September 2002

This is part of an interview with Salif Keita, conducted by AfroPop’s Banning Eyre and Sean Barlow in September 2002. Interview S.B.: You said that culture is rich but badly used, poorly exploited, as you put it. What do you mean? There are so many musicians with great careers, so …

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China: Moon Hee-jun’s song banned

30 August 2002

  The song ‘Media’, which is included in Moon Hee-jun’s second album, was banned by all three major broadcast stations (KBS, MBC, and SBS) for attacking mass media. The lyrics and melody for ‘Media’ was written by Moon Hee-jun himself. In the song, he severely criticizes the faults of mass …

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Turkey: Busdriver penalized for Kurdish music

29 July 2002

Turkey: Busdriver penalized for playing Kurdish music Abdullah Yagan has been sentenced to 45 months imprisonment by the State Security Court in Diyarbakir. In August 2001 he allegedly played Kurdish music in his minibus and therefore had encouraged his passengers to support an armed organization. Source: Evrensel – 20 July …

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US: Anti-pop Consortium

24 July 2002

High Priest and Beans from Anti-Pop Consortium interviewed by Freemuse/Jim Q. Holm at the Roskilde Festival, Denmark 30th of June 2002.   Beans of APC Video interview What is the worst form of censorship? Can the media concentration pose a threath to freedom of musical expression?     Visit the …

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Sweden: Dennis Lyxzen / TINC

11 July 2002

Video interview Dennis Lyxz Part I Dennis Lyxz Part II Is free speech taken for granted?     Part III Can music still be political?     “The (international) Noise Conspiracy is a political rock band, with no ambition to be politically correct or keeping their ideas underground. A band …

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Israel: Chava Alberstein banned

2 July 2002

Singer boycotted for critizing the Israeli government Filled with sly humor or sharp criticism of the country’s policies, Alberstein has taken a stand, criticizing Israel’s handling of the Palestinean uprisings. As a result, her music has been banned in the Israeli radio Singer Chava Alberstein is among the most popular – …

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Ali Farka Tour

18 June 2002

ABSTRACT, English “Which way Nigeria?” – Music under Threat: A Question of Money, Morality, Self-Censorship and the Sharia is based on an investigation done between May and June 2002 in Nigeria, from Lagos to Kano.The focus is on the relatively recent storyof Nigerian music and its intimate links with the …

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Heavy sentence for singing in Kurdish

4 June 2002

Heavy sentence for singing in Kurdish The National Security Court (DGM) of Istanbul has given between 3-9 years prison sentence to the band Koma Denge Asiti for performing in Kurdish. The band had been charged with “aiding and abetting the PKK”. While Kurds are being prosecuted for petitioning for the …

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