YouTube: Video banned for “sexual content” re-appears with disclaimer

14 December 2016

American rapper Mykki Blanco’s latest music video ‘Loner’ was taken down from YouTube on 2 December 2016 as it didn’t meet “community guidelines”; hours later the video was put back on the site, but now with a “content warning” and viewers need to sign in to confirm their age, reported Billboard on 2 December 2016.

Specifically, the site took down the video for violating its policy on nudity and sexual content. According to those involved in the video’s production, commenters on the site were offended by a snapshot in the video of a man’s covered “bulge” underneath his skirt, reported Paper on 2 December 2016.

Blanco, a transgender artist, commented on the take down via Twitter calling YouTube’s actions a “kind of homophobic double standard censorship”, also stating that the pair of directors, Anthony&Alex, are “queer”.

The directors stated that many other videos “go a lot further” and are “far more sexually explicit” than ‘Loner’, but that those videos “happen to be heteronormative”.

Blanco’s manager David Swartz told news site Mic on 2 December 2016:

We now wonder why this is necessary. Countless videos across the YouTube platform featuring overtly and blatantly sexual imagery (and actual nudity) are available with no requirement for age verification, so why is that so for this video by Mykki? Why does YouTube want to restrict access to this video? Why does YouTube see this video as any different than all those which have completely open access to users of all ages?

“It is exhausting that as a queer artist not only do I experience homophobia in the entertainment industry, but also censorship for the unapologetically queer imagery I promote,” Blanco told the news site.

The video was released on 22 November 2016. YouTube has not commented on the age disclaimer.

Photo: ‘Loner’ video screen shot/Vimeo


» Mic – 2 December 2016
Rapper Mykki Blanco calls out YouTube after the site temporarily removed his new video

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YouTube banned Mykki Blanco’s ‘Loner’ music video for “sexual content”

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