‘Wonder Woman’ movie banned, rejected and boycotted in several countries

3 July 2017

‘Wonder Woman’ was banned in Lebanon & Qatar, pulled from a festival in Algeria & suspended in Tunisia due to lead actress Gal Gadot's Israeli nationality.

Global blockbuster film ‘Wonder Woman’ was banned in Lebanon and Qatar, pulled from a festival in Algeria and suspended in Tunisia because of the nationality of lead actress Gal Gadot who is Israeli,  as well as her service in the military—which is compulsory for most citizens—and her defense of the country and its military actions.

The Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade banned the film a few hours before its scheduled premiere after a push from the Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel in Lebanon, which put pressure on the government to block the film, reported The Guardian on 31 May 2017.

On 11 June 2017, the film was due to play in Algiers during the Nuits du Cinéma film festival but was abruptly removed from the lineup after a petition calling for its ban was initiated a week before the screening, reported Variety. Festival officials said the film was pulled due to issues with exhibition rights.

The Tunisian Culture Minister has also prevented the film screening in capital Tunis following a request by Arab nationalist political party the People’s Movement, reported Deadline on 7 June 2017.

In Qatar, the superhero film had been scheduled to premiere in the first weekend of July but VOX Cinemas Qatar and Novo Cinemas confirmed to Doha News  on 19 June 2017 that it would not be screened in the country.

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