“What’s that shit you’re playing?” – a DJ killed in Russia because of his music

15 October 2019
A DJ turntable
Image: DJ turntable / Pixabay


On 13 October 2019, a DJ was killed in a cafe in the Leningrad region because of the music he had been playing, reported 47news.

Allegedly, one of the customers of the cafe said to the DJ “What’s that shit you’re playing?” and further requested for the change of the song. When the DJ refused, the customer grabbed a knife and stabbed him puncturing his heart. The musician later died in hospital. The video of the attack is circulating online.

“Freemuse urges the Russian authorities to conduct a prompt and effective investigation into the matter. These acts attempt to threaten the state of artistic freedom for both artists and the public. It is the responsibility of the Russian government to provide safety for artistic expression to prevent the situation from happening again. “ said Dr Srirak Plipat, Freemuse Executive Director.

This latest incident comes after the recent murder of another DJ in Uganda. It illustrates an alarming trend whereby artistic freedom is threatened in a manner that affects those expressing themselves through performance or experiencing the performance.

Freemuse has recorded a growing number of issues in 2019 relating to the state of artistic freedom in Russia. For a more comprehensive report the State of Artistic Freedom in Europe report available November 2019.

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