Vietnam: Musician locked in home, later evicted after protest

15 November 2017
Police took musician Mai Khoi home after her protest of Trump's Vietnam visit and was prevented from leaving; she was later told she would be evicted.
Photo: Mai Khoi holding up her protest sign on US President Trump’s route/Facebook


On the evening of 11 November 2017, Vietnamese musician and activist Mai Khoi was escorted by plainclothes police to her home in capital Hanoi and prevented her from leaving for several hours after her protest against US President Donald Trump’s visit to the country where she held up a sign along his motorcade’s route, reported Le Monde.

After the police left, the musician continued to feel unsafe and said she was “very worried about being arrested at any time”.

Hours later two people who claimed to be employees of the building’s owner forced their way into the musician’s home and told her that she and her husband had to leave their apartment, reported The Guardian.

The two people eventually left, but Mai Khoi and her husband said that strange men appeared in the alleyway outside the building and they continued to feel like they couldn’t leave their home.

“I’m worried more than normal right now. I don’t like the word scared, but I’m feeling uncomfortable,” she told The Guardian. “I think this is definitely the worst treatment I have received up until now.”

The musician posted a video on her Facebook page of the two intruders, whom she calls “undercover agents”, attempting to evict her.

On 13 November, she posted on her Facebook that she was “under constant police surveillance now”.

Mai Khoi is no stranger to being targeted by authorities. She recently returned to her homeland after virtually being forced to exile and has started a new band that can only perform in private events that are not announced publicly to avoid the censorship system. 

In July 2017, the musician was forced to move out of her then apartment due to pressure from authorities.

Watch Mai Khoi talk about her return to Vietnam and her continued struggle

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