Uzbekistan: Pop stars banned from stage for ‘meaningless’ songs

14 November 2013

President Islam Karimov’s government strictly regulates the lucrative entertainment industry in the Central Asian nation of 30 million by banning films, pop music and books, reported RIA Novost


Singers Dilfuza Rakhimova, Otabek Mutalhozhaev and Dilshod Rakhmonov, along with groups Ummon and Mango, found themselves out in the cold after the state agency responsible for licensing cultural acts concluded their music failed to properly extoll the motherland, the Central Asian website Fergana News reported.

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Global Post – 24 June 2013:
“Meaningless” music? Banned in Uzbekistan!
Even pop singers are tightly controlled in the Central Asian dictatorship. By Dan Peleschuk

Ferghana News Information Agency – 13 December 2010:
Over 700 movies are prohibited in Uzbekistan
The official website of Uzbekkino, national agency of Uzbekistan, published the list of “prohibited” movies. This list is being frequently updated and reviewed. Between June 23, 2002 and October 15, 2010 the black list, prepared by Uzbek officials, included 744 films of local and foreign production.

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