USA: Rapper sent back to prison for allegedly threatening attorney in song

24 March 2016

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Rapper and alleged gang member Sean Chung, who was out on bail for murder conspiracy and gun charges, was sent back to prison on 22 February 2016 for a song he posted on YouTube in November 2015 in which he allegedly threatened a Queens, New York district attorney, reported New York Daily News on 7 March 2016.

After prosecutor Timothy Regan alerted Queens Supreme Court Justice Robert Kohm of the video, the judge revoked Chung’s bail and sent him back to Rikers Island, New York’s infamous and main prison complex. A week later, Chung was attacked by two inmates and suffered cuts to his face and head.

According to rapper’s attorney Audrey Thomas, the song in question, ‘KAR’, was written two years prior and predated his initial arrest, though she said she didn’t know when the video was originally produced. Sean Chung raps under the name JP Smoov.

Regan, the district attorney allegedly referenced in the song, stated in court that the video “offended” him, but he wasn’t “personally afraid”. Further, he said that prosecutors did not conduct an investigation on the video. Additionally, Justice Kohm did not view Chung’s video to assess whether a threat was posed, the New York Daily News reported on 14 March 2016.

Chung was arrested in April 2014 as part of the Queens-based SNOW Gang along with 30 other members for allegedly conspiring to kill two rival gang members. The New York Daily News reported on 17 March 2016 that Chung pleaded guilty to his original charges and received a seven-year imprisonment sentence.

Photos is a screen shot from the rapper’s ‘KAR’ video on YouTube


» New York Daily News – 17 March 2016:
Gang member who threatened Queens DA in YouTube rap video admits to conspiracy to commit murder, gun charges, gets 7 years in jail

» New York Daily News – 14 March 2016:
Queens prosecutor allegedly threatened in gangbanger’s rap song didn’t report it because he ‘wasn’t personally afraid’

» New York Daily News – 7 March 2016:
Gang member jailed for rap video said to threaten Queens DA

» Vice – 7 March 2016:
An alleged gang member from Queens was thrown in jail because of a rap video

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