USA: Nude artworks removed from county fair

4 September 2018
Mikayla Setser’s portrait of a bathing baby won her a first place ribbon at a county fair in Ohio before it was removed and she was accused of child pornography.
Photo: Mikayla Setser’s prize-winning photo / Mikayla Setser Facebook


Photographer Mikayla Setser and artist Amanda Mote had their artworks depicting nudity removed from the Darke County Fair in Ohio in August 2018, reported local newspaper The Daily Advocate.

Setser’s portrait of a bathing baby won her a first place ribbon on 17 August, but when she returned the next day the photo wasn’t there. In a Facebook post the photographer said her picture was “disqualified” and she “was accused of child pornography”.

“Being accused of child pornography is not something to be taken lightly or just thrown around,” she said.

Mote’s three drawings showing naked women and children were hung up then removed from display before judging. Her sister Gina Ferguson said on Facebook that she spoke to Nancy Foureman, the fair’s fine arts director, who told her the drawings were “too personal” and “a German Baptist could come through and be offended”.

Foureman has not explained why the artworks were removed, but told WHIO-TV “it was the judge’s right to remove pieces that might be considered offensive”.

Addressing the “madness”, Mote said she has talked to the fair’s board manager Brian Rismiller and she is confident the rules will be revised before next year’s fair.

“I am very hopeful that the next season will bring great changes and I encourage all of our supporters to continue to place your works in the exhibits and competitions,” she said on Facebook.

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