USA / Cambodia: PraCh

21 November 2005

Born in Cambodia, but raised mostly in Long Beach, California, praCh is known as Cambodia’s first rap star. His first album reached number one in Cambodia, but was temporarily banned during election time. His music tells stories about the horror of living under Pol Pot and the ensuing hardships.

On 21 October, 2005, praCh gave a phone interview from the United States with Freemuse intern Meredith Holmgren. Here you can listen to him discuss his views on free expression, his recent trip to Cambodia and observations about the current state of the Khmer arts community.

Audio interview
Listen to interviewPart I 0.52
The importance of free expression and the current state of the music scene in Cambodia.

Listen to interviewPart II 1.25
PraCh’s personal experience with censorship. Music as an educational tool.

Listen to interviewPart III 0.30
On the issue of self-censorship.

Listen to interviewPart IV 1.25
The need to enforce the right to free expression. Prach - American / Cambodian rap artist

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