Uruguay: Police asks gallery to remove nude painting of politician couple

2 November 2016

Julio de Sosa’s ‘Genesis’ painting portraying former Uruguayan presidential couple José Mujica and Lucía Topolansky as Adam and Eve, was taken off the walls from an exhibition at the Diana Saravia Art Gallery in downtown Montevideo on the command of police, reported El País de Uruguay on 20 October 2016. 

According to gallery owner Diana Saravia, two Montevideo police officers came to the gallery and asked her to remove the painting from public view. When Saravia questioned their reasons, the officers initially replied, “because the police are the authority”, but later told her that they “received several complaints about the painting”.

Topolansky told newspaper La Diaria on 20 October 2016 that “nobody gave authorization [to the artist] to do the painting”, describing the painting as “an insult in a frame”. She also said the painting is an act of “exhibitionism of her image without permission”, and that “people cannot recognize if she posed [for the painting] or not”, adding that the couple’s lawyers are building a slander lawsuit against the gallery and artist.

Mujica called the situation “sad”, and that “[the artist] has the right to earn a few pesos, but everything has to have a limit”.

Spokesman for the Supreme Court, Raúl Oxandabarat, confirmed there were complaints about the painting offending the public, but added that the judge discarded the case, stating the gallery and painter can exhibit the painting again if they so choose.

Julio de Sosa explained he never had the intention to offend the couple, but rather that the painting was a tribute to them, and that he based the artwork on his favourite painting, as well as the austerity and paternity that the couple represented to him. He said he was surprised by the international coverage of his painting, which has tripled in value since it was removed from the gallery.

Photo: Section of Julio de Sosa’s ‘Genesis’ painting


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