UAE: New dance craze leads to arrest

21 April 2016

barbs dance
A viral hit across the Middle East, reaching over 21 million views on YouTube since December 2015, of Saudi song and dance craze ‘Barbs’ has led many to post themselves on various social media outlets, including two Emirati soldiers who were arrested for performing the dance in uniform, reported The Washington Post on 11 April 2016.

The two soldiers appeared in court and were charged with disrespecting the national army.

Apart from landing the two soldiers in court, the dance has also been met with harsh criticism from conservative groups and people who see it as “indecent” or “too sexual” and as yet another instance of the West tainting Arab society.

“Barbs” loosely translates as “messy” and is the product of artist/director Majed al-Esa who is known for blending Saudi culture with Western styles.

Photo is a screen grab from the song’s video on YouTube


» Al Bawaba – 17 April 2016:
Out of step: Two Emirati servicemen arrested for dancing to the Saudi ‘Barbs’ dance

» New York Post – 12 April 2016:
This viral Saudi dance craze got two people arrested

» The Huffington Post – 12 April 2016:
Why these men in the UAE were charged for an online dance video

» The Washington Post – 11 April 2016:
This Saudi dance is all the rage in Arab world, but it could get you arrested

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