Ukraine: All Russian films released since 2014 banned

6 April 2016

The Ukrainian parliament has voted to ban all Russian films made since 1 January 2014 as a means to limit “propaganda used by an occupant-state” and defend “national security in the information sphere”, reported Russia Today on 30 March 2016.

Ukraine already had a Law on Cinematography in place adopted in 2015 that banned Russian military genre films made since 1991. The latest ban is an amendment to that law and would additionally ban more than 430 films and tv series.

The amendment is a continuation of Ukraine’s efforts to ban Russian entertainment and entertainers, as well as artists of other nationalities, who support the separatist movement or are seen as favourable to Russia’s endeavours. The Ukrainian Cultural Ministry maintains a blacklist of films and artists that “threaten national security”.

Earlier in 2016, Ukraine’s National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting removed 15 Russian tv channels from its broadcasting providers.


» Russia Today – 30 March 2016:
Ukraine bans all Russian movies released since 2014

» TAAS – 29 March 2016:
Ukraine bans all Russian films made after 2013

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