Uganda: Dutch film banned for ‘glorifying homosexuality’

16 June 2017

Uganda’s Media Council banned a Dutch film for a screening at a festival because it “depicts and glorifies homosexuality”, among other objectionable scenes.

Uganda’s Media Council banned the screening of 2010 Dutch film ‘De Eetclub’ (The Dinner Club) because it “depicts and glorifies homosexuality” and includes scenes of nudity, drinking, smoking and the use of “lurid language”, the Dutch Embassy in Uganda revealed in a Facebook post on 15 May 2017.

The film was scheduled to be screened on 16 May 2017 as part of the country’s third edition of the Euro-Uganda Film Festival from 10-19 May.

The embassy “deplored” the ban and withdrew its participation from the festival, explaining that the media council denied the film a classification rating, meaning it would not be allowed to be screened anywhere in the country.

In the media council’s list of objections, the regulatory body made note that homosexuality is a “criminal offence” in Uganda.

See the full list of objections here as posted by the Dutch Embassy on its Facebook page:

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