Turkey: Rapper charged with promoting drugs

4 January 2019
YouTube had removed a music video by rapper Burry Soprano after a Turkish court ruled the song’s lyrics “encouraged drug use and criminal behaviour”.
Photo: Burry Soprano / Instagram


4 January 2019

UPDATE: Turkish rapper charged with promoting drug use

The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office is seeking up to 10 years in jail for Turkish rapper Burry Soprano (real name Burak Aydoğduoğlu), who is accused of promoting drug use in his hit song Mary Jane, Hürriyet Daily News reported on 21 December 2018.

In an indictment, the prosecutor’s office said “Mary Jane” is slang for cannabis and posting the song on social media “overtly encourages” drug use.

The charge comes following an investigation by anti-narcotics police, who briefly detained the rapper on 1 October. 


19 December 2018

Turkey: YouTube pulls rapper’s music video after court rules it ‘encouraged drug use’

YouTube reportedly removed a music video by Turkish rapper Burry Soprano after a Turkish court ruled the song’s lyrics “encouraged drug use and criminal behaviour”, according to Turkey Purge.

The official video for Mary Jane has clocked up more than 35 million views on YouTube.

On 1 December the rapper tweeted that Mary Jane had been banned by a court order, but said it’s impossible to ban a song that’s already in people’s heads. 

Two months earlier, Burry Soprano was reportedly detained by police for allegedly encouraging drug use in Mary Jane’s lyrics. He was released after giving a statement.

In an Instagram post on 1 October, the rapper said he was “free as usual”. He also denied that any drugs had been found at his house, in a tweet on 2 October.

Earlier in 2018, Turkish anti-narcotics police detained Turkish rappers Ezhel (real name Ömer Sercan İpekçioğlu), Khontkar and Young Bego, accusing them of promoting drug use through their lyrics.

According to Turkish law, the artists could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Ezhel was acquitted on 19 June 2018 by a court in Istanbul after it was determined he did not intend to commit a crime. But he was charged again in July and is due to face court on 21 February 2019 on the charge of encouraging drug use.

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