Turkey: One more judicial inquiry against singer Ferhat Tunc

19 January 2007
Ferhat TunçYet another “judicial inquiry” has been opened against Turkish singer Ferhat Tunç because of what he said at a concert organised by a political party on 22 July 2006 in Alanya By Ofis

It is claimed that at the concert Ferhat Tunç declared: “If dead soldiers are regarded the children of this country, then dead guerillas are also the children of this very country. I grieve deeply both for the soldiers and guerillas killed. A democratic country necessitates cultural and ethnic diversity.”

Having made a deposition by order of the attorney generalship on 15 January 2007, Ferhat Tunç explained:

“Even though I do not remember my speech at the concert word by word, I expressed that I do not want the children, youth of my country to die because of the prevalent conflict. That’s right, both the soldiers and the guerillas are the children of this country. Provided the Kurdish problem is solved peacefully, I believe that these killings will be prevented.”

Addressing the attendees at a conference entitled “Turkey is Searching for Its Peace” (Türkiye Barışını Arıyor) which took place in Ankara recently, Ferhat Tunç declared:

“I insist that the Kurdish problem will not give way to bloodshed, tears and suffering hereafter. And therefore I defend peace, democracy and fraternity among people no matter what the context is.”

Many indictments have been made and many inquiries have been opened against Ferhat Tunç because of his various articles and concert speeches. There are ongoing court cases against him opened by reason of opposition to the 301st article of the Turkish Penal Code (TSK) which has been subject to serious criticism in public opinion world-wide.

Ferhat Tunç, having been judged with heavy imprisonment in these cases, totalling more than 10 years imprisonment if they are all carried out, declares that he will go on to utter the truths he knows, and to speak for peace and democracy.

A protest against the opening of this new inquiry against Ferhat Tunç has been issued in writing by The Intellectuals and Artists Platform of Munzur (MASAP).




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