Turkey: Members of Grup Yorum arrested during rehearsal

13 August 2020
Grup Yorum performing on the roof of the house
Image: Grup Yorum members perfroming / Free Grup Yorum! on Twitter 


5 August: Six members of the group Grup Yorum were arrested during their rehearsal for a concert scheduled on 9 August by the Istanbul police during a police raid of the İdil Cultural Center in the Okmezdani quarter in Istanbul, reported Bianet.

The six members that were arrested are Betül Varan, Bahar Kurt, Dilan Poyraz, Eren Erdem, Sercan Toptancı and Barış Yüksel. According to Yerepouni News, all six members were detained for a short time and released on the same day. Bianet further reports that during the raid, music instruments of the musicians were either broken or gone missing, while their music books were damaged.

Read more about violations against Grup Yorum on our website and follow Free Grup Yorum! and Grup Yorum on Twitter.   

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