Turkey: Grup Yorum member still in detention

10 April 2012



The first hearing of the lawsuit concerning musician Seçkin Aydoğan, member of Group Yorum, and five other defendants who are on trial for “being a member of a terrorist organisation” and “terrorist organisation propaganda” was heard at İstanbul 15th High Criminal Court with special force. Aydoğan was not discharged.

Aydoğan stated he is not the one with the hidden face who is throwing rocks at the accusation. Defendants did not accept the accusations and demanded to be discharge and acquitted. Court discharged Hazal Kaya and Eser Morsümbül. The only evidence against them was a lemon in their pockets.

Seçkin Aydoğan and four other defendants were not discharged because of the ‘status of the evidence’ and ‘Strong crime suspicion’. Court decided that photos of the incident should be sent to forensics to establish whether the defendants are on the photo.

İbrahim Gökçek made a statement before the hearing on behalf of Group Yorum and reminded that Aydoğan was attacked in prison:

“They sentenced our concert organisers to 11 years of imprisonment, they sentenced those who listen to our music on their computers, they evaulated those listening to Cemo as criminals, they removed our posters. These are all signs of intolerance.”

Public prosecutor with special force Hüseyin Kaplan prepared the indictment, Aydoğan and other defendants are accused of “violating Protests and Demonstrations Act 2911”, “terrorist organisation propaganda”, “resisting a public officer” and “being a member of a terrorist organisation” for they participating in a demonstration named “Yürüyüş workers should be discharged” on 13 December 2011.




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Bianet – 7 February 2012:

‘Grup Yorum Band Facing ongoing Persecution’

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UPDATE 27 June 2012

Indictment ready against Grup Yorum members
Grup Yorum members Ali Papur, Caner Bozkurt, and Ali Aracı are among the 13 accused of ‘membership of DHKP/C terror organisation’, ‘Resisting officials’ and ‘damaging property’. According to Antenna-TR’s ‘Freedom of Expression Weekly Bulletin’ of 22 June 2012, an indictment has now been prepared for court. It seeks to penalize the three Grup Yorum members for resisting the police at the arrests in Bakırköy İdil Cultural Center and also Ali Papur for damaging property.



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