Turkey: Ferhat Tunç concert interrupted by protesters and power cut

18 September 2013

A group of protesters intervened in folk singer Ferhat Tunç’s concert by singing the Turkish national anthem.


The concert was organised by the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) in Dikili, Izmir. Following a power cut in the concert area, Ferhat Tunç ended the concert saying he would keep singing freedom songs.

Clashes broke out between the audience and the protesters who intervened in the concert.

Afterwards, the incident spread across the central district and police blocked off the streets.

Ferhat Tunc, following the incident, shared his opinion on via his account @ferhatttunc: “I am not the one who discriminates or divides people. The government, instead of taking steps, divides the society by getting more and more offensive. This is one of the reasons why I got attacked in Dikili.”

This was reported by Antenna TR in its Freedom of Expression Weekly Bulletin, Issue 37/13, on 13 September 2013.

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