Tunisia: Singer banned from working due to suggestive video

6 April 2016

Hana al Zughlami aka Tunisian Naglaa
The Tunisian Musicians Syndicate has banned singer Hana al Zughlami aka Tunisian Naglaa from working in the country under accusations she promoted vice and immorality in her latest video and single ‘La Ykhebbesh Wala Ydebbish’, reported news site Al Bawaba on 31 March 2016.

The syndicate has also stated that legal action would be taken against anyone who will collaborate with the artist.

The actions taken by the Tunisian syndicate mirror those of Egypt’s controversial Musicians Syndicate, led by Hani Shaker, which in January 2016 suspended six singers from performing due to “sexually suggestive” and “racy” behaviour on stage.

Photo is a screen grab from the artist’s video on YouTube


» Al Bawaba – 31 March 2016:
Naglaa banned from working in Tunisia after releasing ‘soft porn’ music video

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