Tunisia: Musician harassed after performing a song with Israeli artist

6 January 2021
Musician Noamane Chaari singing in the studio
Image: Singer Noamane Chaari in a music video to Peace Among Neighbors / Screenshot the Arab Council for Regional Integration on YouTube


Tunisian singer Noamane Chaari has received death threats, was suspended by the Tunisian Artists’ Union and dismissed from his job at the public TV after performing a song Peace Among Neighbors with Israeli artist Ziv Yehezkel released on 10 December 2020, reported the Times of Israel.

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), since the publication of the song on YouTube, Chaari has been facing social media threats and was accused by Tunisian journalists, activists and media personalities of offending Tunisians. As a result of releasing the song, Chaari also lost his job at one of the Tunisian television channels. Members of the public called on the artist to apologise and demanded his prosecution.

The song was produced by the Arab Council for Regional Integration (ACRI), an organisation of which Chaari is a founding member. Peace Among Neighbors was written by an anonymous poet and is performed by Noamane Chaari and Israeli artist Ziv Yehezkel.

Several Tunisian artists support Chaari on social media channels.

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