Tobago: Religious call for ban on gay pop star ignored

28 March 2007
Christian church leaders in Trinidad & Tobago demanded the British pop superstar Sir Elton John be banned from performing in their country because he is gay. Organisers of the concert ignored the religious protests

Elton John is scheduled to appear at the Plymouth Jazz Festival on the Caribbean island Tobago on 29 April 2007. Christian pastors are reported to have lobbied the Tobago House of Assembly to join them in calling for a ban or a boycott of Elton’s appearance. They claim his presence may have “a negative social impact” on their people. According to pastor Terrance Baynes there are fears that some locals “may not be sure of their sexuality” and would turn gay after experiencing the performance of Elton John.

Organisers of the jazz festival dismissed the calls from the religious leaders. Tobago political figures are understood to have backed this decision.




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